Scuplture Tree

Cuban Mahogany, Ebony
36"W x 92"H x 54"D

I designed this piece for clients with a large art collection. They wanted to display items like sculptures and art glass. For years I have been incorporating sculptural effects in my furniture. It has been an evolutionary process - as I develop new effects, I learn, and more advanced forms become accessible. This project came along at a time when I was contemplating designing pieces that were pure sculptures - without the functionality requirements that come with furniture. It felt like an appropriate step in my evolutionary journey to take on a piece that was a sculpture, but one with a function - to display works of art.

The piece is designed to sit in the corner of a large room. It wraps around the corner and provides a lot of display space for a fairly small footprint. There are 11 platforms of various sizes. I tried to lay out the platforms such that they would display a large variety of shapes and sizes of art.

This wood is special. Cuban mahogany is also known as small leaf mahogany. It is denser and has a finer grain than the mahogany species we are more familiar with. As the name suggests - it comes from Cuba - and has been embargoed since the Kennedy administration. It turns out that a small number of trees also grow in the southernmost Florida Keys. This was a fairly large one that died of natural causes and was harvested by a salvage lumber company - eventually making its way into my collection. It was a pleasure to work with.