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Rocking Chair

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The stock for this chair came from 2 large, thick crotch slabs. The extra thickness (over 3-1/4") allowed me to sculpt more flowing lines and shapes than thinner stock allows. The seat, for instance, has a serpentine shape when viewed from the side and the raised platform at the base of the spindles is sculpted from the same block. The flowing curves and bulbous shape of the crest rail is another area that would not have been possible to create with thinner stock. I appreciate the aesthetics of all the curves but I am also very happy with the level of comfort they bring to the chair. Watching the reactions of people when they sit in it for the first time has been a real pleasure.

The other thing that made these slabs so special is the incredible color and figure. You see this most dramatically in the photo looking down on the seat. I have had the chair in my home by a window - when the sun shines on it the wood just dances. Very beautiful.

Rocking Chair
25" W x 50" H x 45" L

Figured Claro Walnut & Holly
Figured European Pear & Holly